Tuesday, September 29, 2015

29 September 2015

"Twenty Four" by Mudhoney
"1969" by The Stooges
"Rastabilly" by The Dead Milkmen
"No No" by Ty Segall

"...And Then Judy Walked In" by Ty Segall
"Boys Are Boys And Girls Are Choice" by The Monks
"Night Time Is the Right Time" by The Sonics
"Graveyard" by Dead Moon
"Hot Wire My Heart" by Sonic Youth

"Creme Brulee" by Sonic Youth
"Misfits" by Neil Young
"Textile Factory" by Emitt Rhodes
"One Monkey Don't Stop No Show" by The Animals
"Cries From The Midnight Circus" by The Pretty Things
"Just Like Heaven" by Dinosaur Jr.
"Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam" by Vaselines
"Waste My Time" by White Fang

"Life On Mars" by David Bowie

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

25 September 2015

"Warsaw" by Joy Division

"Lovers Lane" by Hunx and His Punx
"7:30 AM" by Slothrust
"Cubicle" by Slothrust
"Plateau" by Meat Puppets

"The Knock" by Hop Along
"First of All" by Japanther
"She's The One" by Japanther
"Powerman" by The Kinks

"Life Prowler" by No Age
"Crimson Wave" by Tacocat
"Bridge to Hawaii" by Tacocat
"Adderall" by The Coathangers

"Weird Feelings" by Male Bonding
"Pretty Pimpin" by Kurt Vile
"Lost In The Post" by The Wombats
"Headspace" by The Wombats

"Mongoloid" by Devo

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

8 September 2015

"Lovely One" by Ty Segall
"Nico" by Mr. Elevator & the Brain Hotel
"Leave the Planet" by Galaxie 500
"Take That Girl" by The 13th Floor Elevators
"You Make Me Wanna Die" by The Shivas
"I Am Gonna Erupt" by The Eruptions

"Call Any Vegetable" by Frank Zappa
"Roller Coaster" by The 13th Floor Elevators
"Can't Stand The Pain" by The Pretty Things
"The Godspell According To A.A. Newcombe" by The Brian Jonestown Massacre
"Evil Hearted Ada" by Flamin' Groovies
"When Fate Deals Its Mortal Blow" by The Scientists
"Touch Me I'm Sick" by Mudhoney

"Black Hell" by The Abigails
"Devil on My Back" by Country Teasers
"TV Star" by Butthole Surfers
"Blood Red River" by The Scientists
"I AM "Pentagon" by Make Up

"Mambo Sun" by T. Rex

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

1 September 2015

"It's Too Late" by Shannon and the Clams
"Ficciones" by Vidrios Quebrados
"Nothing At All/100 New Fears" by Black Lips
"Little Sorrell" by Pissed Jeans
"Blew" by Nirvana
"Daddy Rollin' Stone" by Otis Blackwell

"Sonambulo" by Los Sonambulos 
"Stormy Monday" by ? & the Mysterians
"How Long Darling" by James Brown & the Famous Flames
"El Amor Despues De Los 250 Anos" by Los Macs
"Bluebird Is Dead" by Electric Light Orchestra
"Sun Medallion" by King Tuff

"Night of the Vampire" by Moontrekkers
"Love Buzz" by Nirvana
"Ghost Highway" by Mazzy Star
"Dreamboat" by Cosmonauts
"Dazed" by Bleached
"It #1" by Ty Segall

"Hung Upside Down" by Buffalo Springfield

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

25 August 2015

"The Trip" by Kim Fowley
"Insight" by Joy Division
"The Daily Planet" by Love
"Know Your Product" by The Saints
"The Perfect Day" by The Saints

"Gary Gilmore's Eyes" by The Adverts
"Top Of The Pops" by The Rezillos
"Flying Saucer Attack" by The Rezillos
"Inside Out" by 999
"I'm Five Years Ahead of My Time" by Third Bardo

"I Sit I Watch I Wait" by Lost Sounds
"Rare Little Creature" by Human Eye
"The Woman Inside of Me" by Chris Knox
"Doomsday" by The Verlaines

"Nothing's Going to Happen" by Tall Dwarfs
"The Brain That Wouldn't Die" by Tall Dwarfs
"Feel So Good" by The Spelling Mistakes
"That Girl" by Techtones

"Block Of Wood" by The Bats

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

18 August 2015 Good Luck With Your Interview, Emily!

"Tame The Sun" by Male Bonding

"High Plains Drifter" by Beastie Boys
"Fingerpops" by Garageland
"So You What To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star" by Garageland
"Come Back" by Garageland

"Don't Really Matter" by Superette
"Two Steps" by Home Blitz
"Stupid Street" by Home Blitz
"Secret Wave" by Home Blitz

"No Life For Me" by Wavves & Cloud Nothings
"Idle Dreams" by Bare Wires
"Impossible Things" by Bare Wires
"Make Her Mine" by Bare Wires

"Tomboy" by Acid Baby Jesus
"Alone With A Girl" by Lovvers
"Creepy Crawl" by Lovvers
"D. Boon" by Lovvers

"Ever Falling in Love" by Times New Viking
"No Room to Live" by Times New Viking

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

11 August 2015

"Free Advice" by The Great Society
"Pretty Suzanne" by The Monks
"Corvette" by Shannon and The Clams
"What's in My Head?" by Fuzz
"Stink-Foot" by Frank Zappa

"Daydream Nightmare Love" by The Great Society
"Maintaining My Cool" by The Sonics
"Girl" by The Great Society
"Born To Be Burned" by The Great Society
"I Hate You" by The Monks

"The Witch" by The Sonics
"Puppet On a String" by Night Beats
"Nothing Is the Same" by Nomads
"You Can't Judge a Book" by The Eruptions
"Pony Tail" by Jack Of Heart

"Stranger In Blue Suede Shoes" by Kevin Ayers