Tuesday, June 30, 2015

30 June 2015

"Waiting for a Change" by Sonic Avenues
"Ain't No Deal" by Black Lips
"This Girl Taught Me A Dance" by The Strange Boys
"Owsley Knows" by Fungi Girls
"Marv Alien" by Fungi Girls

"Be Your Baby" by Harlem
"On The Street Where You Live" by Sick Thoughts
"The Biggest Mistake" by Flesh Lights
"Teenage Girls" by Bad Sports
"Get You" by Bad Sports
"You Make A Better Door" by The Trouble Makers

"Uh-oh" by The Avengers
"The Hideout" by The Weirdos
"I Against I" by Bad Brains
"You Can't Be Funky" by Bush Tetras

"Billy Blood Idol" by Guerilla Toss
"Let's Go to the Beach" by The White Wires
"Like Like Like Like Like Like Like" by The Intelligence
"Hippy Provider" by The Intelligence

"Cross Eyed Mary" by Jethro Tull

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

23 June 2015

"Oh Yea" by Bo Diddley
"Who Do You Love" by Bo Diddley
"The Wooden Song" by Butthole Surfers
"Motherly Love" by Frank Zappa, The Mothers Of Invention
"Don't Owe You a Thang" by Gary Clark Jr.
"Satisfaction" by Otis Redding

"Wannabe in LA" by Eagles of Death Metal
"Son of a Gun" by The Vaselines
"Beelzebub" by Black Pistol Fire
"Big Shot" by The Pack a.d.
"Get Found" by Bass Drum Of Death

"Stay Up Late" by Jeff The Brotherhood
"Real Cool Time" by The Stooges
"Sail To The Sun" by Wavves
"It's Getting Boring By The Sea" by Blood Red Shoes
"Expanding Anyway" by Morning Teleportation
"Dead Womb" by Death From Above 1979

"My Womans Head" by Sly Stone and the Mojo Men

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

16 June 2015 Rolling Stones Inspiration

"When You Smile" by Coma Girls
"It's All Over Now" by The Rolling Stones
"Citadel" by Rolling Stones
"Kingdom of Love" by The Soft Boys
"Freeway" by The Miami Dolphins
"She Bursts (Reprise)" by Muuy Biien

"Kathleen Hanna" by Pony Time
"Hard Coming Love" by The United States Of America
"Frenzy" by The Fugs
"13" by The Brian Jonestown Massacre
"Sure Nuff N Yes I Do (Live 1968)" by Captain Beefheart
"Old Folks Boogie (Live 1967)" by Captain Beefheart
"Off The Hook" by The Rolling Stones

"Back To The Sea" by The Sandwiches
"Dial 666" by Night Beats
"I Was Wrong" by Black Tambourine
"At the Gates" by Night Beats
"Some Grass" by Sleep
"It Girl" by The Brian Jonestown Massacre

"Factory Girl" by The Rolling Stones

^Pictures found at a flea market. https://www.iorr.org/talk/read.php?1,1717660,1717921

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

2 June 2015

"Wimp" by The Zeros
"The Way It's Gonna Be" by The Pandoras
"No More Hot Dogs" by Hasil Adkins
"Five Years Ahead Of My Time" by The Third Bardo
"The American in Me" The Avengers

"Happy People" by The Weirdos
"Life of Crime" by The Weirdos
"L.A. Girl" by Adolescents
"Stiff Little Fingers" by The Vibrators
"Flat Duo Jets Anthem" by Flat Duo Jets
"Make You Mine" by The Fondas

"Dum Dum Ditty" by The Downbeat 5
"Too Many People" by Miracle Workers
"I Need More" by The Cynics
"Don't Give It Up Now" by Lyres
"Fox in a Box" by Gore Gore Girls
"Go-getter" by Ko & The Knockouts
"Codine" by Litter
"Hey Joe" The Litter

"The Trip" by Kim Fowley

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

26 May 2015

"Paralyzed" by The Legendary Stardust Cowboy
"I Hope She's Satisfied" by The Trouble Makers
"You Make It Move" by The Gories
"Spooks" by Ghost Bikini

"Cream of the Young" by Fat White Family
"Nowhere Town" by Vincas
"The Wizard" by Johnny Thunders
"A Pig Who Feeds" by Guerilla Toss
"Leave Me Alone" by Butthole Surfers

"Hoonin'" by Cuntz
"Goes Black" by Big Ups
"Dead and Alone" by Vincas
"Hip Hop" by Cuntz
"See You in Dreamland" by The Checkmates

"We'll Be Turned On" by Eddie Current Suppression Ring
"Bug Attack" by Quintron
"King Of The Gypsies" by Johnny Thunders
"If I Had A Choice" by The Pearls

"The Hurdy Gurdy Man" by Butthole Surfers

Thursday, May 21, 2015

19 May 2015

"April" by The Henchmen
"Gonna Get Drunk Tonight" by M.O.T.O.
"Wanna Be ADD" by The Spits
"All I Want" by The Spits

"Emergency Shutdown" by The Bloody Hollies
"Dumb It Down" by Bantam Rooster
"Phone Booth" by Carbonas
"Don't Take Your Life" by Clorox Girls
"Never Know Why" by The Muggs
"Slow Curve" by The Muggs

"Here I Am, Here I Always Am" by Blacktop
"Cold Sun" by Black Pistol Fire
"I Come From The Mountain" by Thee Oh Sees

"E.Coli" by Dad Punchers
"Punch Drunk" by Bush Tetras
"Bootsy" by A Certain Radio
"Poolside" by Harlem

"Sand in My Joints" by Wax Idols
"Hotline" by Jacuzzi Boys
"Suspect" by Shock Minds

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

5 May 2015 Summer Break

"Painted Faces and Long Hair" by The Orwells
"Invisible Girl" by King Khan & BBQ Show
"Wild in the Streets" by Circle Jerks
"Beach Bums Must Die" by Thee Headcoats
"Oh! Apollo" by Mystery Girls

"Our Love Will Always Remain" by The Aquadolls
"Distant Ties" by Froth
"Horses" by Dirty Beaches
"Psychedelic Web" by Brood of Vipers

"Under The Boardwalk" by Tom Tom Club
"Rockaway Beach" by The Ramonetures
"California Sucks" by Screeching Weasel
"Nude Beach" by Peach Kelli Pop
"Au Bord Du Soleil" by Souvenir
"Holiday" by Mermaids
"California Sunshine Boy" by Donna Butterworth

"It #1" by Ty Segall