Tuesday, December 16, 2014

16 December 2014

"I Wanna Be Forgotten" by Bass Drum of Death
"Say You Love Me" by Dirty Fences
"Institutionalized" by Suicidal Tendencies
"Vomiting Mirrors" by Clockcleaners

"Loose Nut" by Black Flag
"Out For The Sun" by Vivian Girls
"Valley Rat" by Mystic Braves
"Such A Bore" by Bass Drum of Death

"Wear Your Hair Like A Weapon" by Cosmonauts
"One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (Opening Theme)" by Jack Nitzsche
"Underground" by These Heathens
"Little Honda" by Cosmonauts

"Useful Shrine Additions" by Valentina Tapia
"Ramblin' Man" by Uncle Skunkle & the Scarecrow Family Band
"Death Morning Blues" by The Humms

"Crazy" by Neil Young

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

9 December 2014 Finals Week at GT

"Take My Heart" by Black Lips

"Straight and Narrow" by Cheap Time
"Scales" by Poor Sons
"Zero Generation" by Wildmen
"Nobody Spoil My Fun" by The Seeds

"Murder Kroger" by Attractive Eighties Women
"Let's Build a Car" by Swell Maps
"Lullaby in Paradise" by Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds
"Lion Head" by Raspberry Bulbs
"I Was Wrong" by Raspberry Bulbs

"More" by Jack Of Heart
"Nobody Wants to Party With Me" by Natural Child
"Remember" by iceage
"Born to Kill" by Bleached

"Glitter & Gold" by Cheap Time
"Bunker Mentality" by Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds
"H.S. Art" by Swell Maps

"What About Us?" by The Rebel

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

2 December 2014 Ana's last show**

"Nothing Left Inside" by Black Flag
"The End of the World" by Skeeter Davis
"The Reason Young People Use Drugs" by Abner Jay
"Betrayal Takes Two" by Richard Hell & the Voidoids

"Fix My Brain" by The Marked Me
"Going Crazy" by The Marked Men
"Well Sick" by The Blood
"Bad Brain" by Ramones
"I Fall" by The Damned
"Drugs of Youth" by Subhumans
"I Don't Know What To Do With My Life" by Buzzcocks 

"Chemtrails" by The Spits
"Tired and Lonely" by The Spits
"Pain" by The Spits
"Creatures" by The Adolescents
"Nothing But A Nightmare" by Rudimentary Peni

"Psycho" by Eddie Noack

** Ana is moving across the country but will still be pivotal in the shape of New Forces. <3

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

25 November 2014

Sports hijacked the new forces slot!
I guess they can do that though.
We should be back next week.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving and avoid Black Friday.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

18 November 2014

"Original Sin" by Peach Kelli Pop
"Baby Let Me Take You Home" by The Animals
"Mariel" by Davila 666
"Thrill Yr Idols" by The Shivas
"Voila" by Francoise Hardy
"Sugar Sugar" by Germs

"Rainbow" by The Garden
"Out of This World" by Black Flag
"Pissed" by Harlem
"Society of Enoch" by Peach Kelli Pop
"Mess Around" by Bo Diddley

"I'm In Love With Myself" by Bad Sports
"Nickles and Dimes" by Dirty Fences
"See You Around" by Ex Humans
"Think for Me" by Die Kreuzen
"You Haven't Seen the Wolf" by Awkward Sounds
"True Patriot Love" by Born Wrong
"Isgodaman" by Arthur Comics
"Synthetic World" by Jimmy Cliff
"Soul Craft" by Bad Brains
"I'm a Bug" by OBNOX

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

11 November 2014

"White Crosses" by Hawks
"Safe Nest" by Divided Minds
"No Class" by Reagan Youth
"What's the Meaning of Love" by Forward

"Tired and Lonely" by The Spits
"Locked in My Head" by Radioactivity
"Going Crazy" by The Marked Men
"Oh Me" by The Meat Puppets
"The Way She Runs a Fever" by the Planes

"Don't Even Try It" by Purling Hiss
"Saw Her" by Vincas
"Speckelous Nightmare" by the Neighborhood Brats
"Loujack Cafe" by Born Wrong
"(She's Making Me) Nervous" by Wyldlife

"Mr. Resistable" by Flesh Lights
"Obsesionao" by Davila 666
"Run Me Over" by The Babies
"Sunsets" by Habibi
"Run To Your Mama" by Goat

"Bury My Body" by The Animals
"High Noon Blues" by Night Beats

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

4 November 2014

"We're the Boys" by Rival Mob
"Dream Lover" by Plasmatics
"Vulnerability" by Operation Ivy
"Ubei Sekista" by Pussy Riot
"Zoo of Death" by Screaming Females

"Who Are You?" by Void
"White Room" by Cream
"Down by the Water" by PJ Harvey
"Wicked Game" by Chris Isaak

"He Hit Me( It Felt Like a Kiss)"by Hole
"He Hit Me (And It Felt Like a Kiss)" by The Crystals
"Long Distance Moan" by Blind Lemon Jefferson
"Sycamore Trees" by Jimmy Scott
"Depression" by Abner James
"The Lonely One" by Siouxsie and the Banshees
"Смерть тюрьме, свободу протесту!" by Pussy Riot

"Cherry Bomb" by The Runaways